Friday, April 20, 2018

Spring Is In The Air! And, so is Crispy Bacon!

Spring is in the Air… and so is Crispy Bacon!

Such a perfect sunny Spring day! I picked up mom so we ‘gals’ could get away and look for signs of spring. And boy did we find them. Trees were popping out tiny spring green leaves; blossoms were sprouting colors on the landscape! It is such a treat to just drive, and enjoy the sights!  We both ooohed and awed at the Dogwoods, both white an red. 


The pinks of the  Kwanzan Cherry and Redbud Trees. 

Plus the magnificent burst of violets, pinks and reds on the azalea bushes. And, then Scarlet Honeysuckle, Paper-whites and Lilacs. All of them putting on a spectacular show. 


Clearly the winner here has to be the trailing vines of the Wisteria! This magnificent vine blooms lavender clusters all the way to its tip. Climbing trees fences and anything else in its path. Odd how it is the center of springs beauty; then summer, fall and winter, no one hardly notices it is there. We stop - jump out of the car - snap a picture, and then get on our way again! A LOT!


On our agenda today was to EAT, then go to a meeting with moms Elder Law Attorney. Notice I said EAT first! Since we were in the Harborview area, we decided to try the Metro Diner. Mom’s friend said it was good, and hello, it has the word DINER in it, I love Diners! We found it, parked and made our way inside. We were greeted by a friendly host and a huge sign above him which read, “Where our Armed Services Eat”. Mom was a navy wife, I am a Navy Brat, so we felt at home!


Metro Diner was bustling, be we were seated quickly and we soon were faced with a selection of great items! It was a cool day, so I ordered hot tea. Which posed the question…..’how does one properly prepare tea at table side”?  Mom told me how she does it. I shared with her how I do it. But, what is the “Proper Way” to make tea?

So, we Googled it!  …“When an empty cup and saucer is delivered to your table with a small pitcher of hot water, you place your tea bag into the small pitcher of hot water and ‘steep’ it for 3-5 minutes. Then pour your steeped tea into your cup. IF you are served a cup with hot water, you place your teabag into your cup, and steep. You then remove your tea bag and place on edge of your saucer. Never wind the string around bag to drain.” So there you have it! Proper tea etiquette!


Metro Diner must know, because soon an empty tea cup and saucer arrived, with lemon wedge and spoon on side. Plus, I was served a small pitcher of hot water, and a selection of great teas in a tea box. I was spoiled! 


 I looked up, and saw my mother fidgeting! I guess she got bored as I was making my tea so she decided to inflate the fork and spoon wrapper she had on the table! Oh My God, can’t take that woman anywhere! She has such a fun spirit! I had to laugh!

As we waited on our food,  we checked out the plates that were heading to other tables. They were HUGE!  And since we were seated near the kitchen we had plenty to watch. I saw, what appeared to be a half of a fried chicken on the Chicken and Waffles order! And, plate after plate looked fabulous. 

Soon, our food arrived and we were amazed! My plate of Scrambled Eggs, Bacon (I told you Crispy Bacon was in the air!), Hash Browns and Toast was perfect. Mom’s southern classic of Sausage Gravy with eggs was photo worthy! There was no way we were going to finish this (by the way, yes we did! It took a while, but we did!) We were SO full, and so happy.

We slowly made our way to her next meeting. Afterwards, we grabbed our traditional Sweet Tea with lots of ice and decided to take the back roads home. We admired all the beautiful spring blossoms, new green fields, and shades of new green leaves everywhere.

It was an amazing day! 


  1. A perfect day.... a perfect post. Great Job, Shirley!! It was such fun and man, was I full! But, I'd go back again in a heart beat. And, the spring blossoms... I needed that! Great outing.

  2. Great post! The food looks awesome and I loved the flowers!

  3. You two have so much fun! My late mom couldn't go out with health issues. This is the fun we would have had!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  4. The food looks fabulous! And now I know how to make hot tea in a restaurant. I have been putting the bag in the cup, then pouring hot water on it. And there was always hot water left over. Now I know - make a pot of tea, then pour into the cup, adding the rest of the hot tea as needed. Thanks!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Hello again!
    Beautiful flower photos, too. The wisteria here has been amazing!

  6. Great post. Fab flowers. Have a great week. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  7. What a delicious post! It made me think I was out for the day with you! Enjoy!

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